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Glow Skincare Cold Roller


Glow Skincare Stainless Steel Cold Roller

What you need to know about this magical tool?

Cold rolling really can help with so many skin problems including reduced appearance of pores, puffiness, redness and inflammation.

Dealing with Acne? This is great to reduce irritation.

Feeling Puffy? Glow Skincare Cold rollers are great for lymphatic massage of the face and body.

Don’t forget to use during or after a facial treatment the causes redness and sensitivity, this helps to seal in all the products you’re using and make you Glow even more.

Sweaty from the summer, the gym or just life in general, can you say hot flashes? Well, cold rolling is great for that as well.

Did we mention cold rolling isn’t only for you face? Use your roller on your neck, back, boyfriend, everywhere really.

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Good news, stainless steel doesn’t hold bacteria so you don’t need to worry about germs. However, we do recommend cleaning your cold roller regularly.

Things to note:

-the colder the better! For best de-inflammation abilities let you cold roller hang out in fridge or freezer 20 minutes before using. Honestly, just store it in there, that way its always ready!

-you can use it morning, night, afternoon, middle or the night, during happy hour, seriously whenever you want.

-can be used before or after products are applied, this is just a matter of preference, do what makes your face happy!

-dirty? Simply wash with soap and water. Spritz down with alcohol for a deep clean once a week and you’re good to go.

-if squeaking occurs, use a drop of oil so you can cold roll in peace.

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